Fab 5 Friday: The Love Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you are celebrating with the ones you love, and if not know that the God of the Universe loves you more than words can say. I’m praying that He showers you with blessings today.

Without further ado, here’s my Fab 5 for the week:

BOOKS: I thought I would share with you my favorite ladies in fantasy fiction right now: Morgan Busse and Serena Chase. Both have written 2 amazing books that I just loved. Serena wrote her own spin on the classic Snow White and Rose Red, but with lots more spunk. Morgan writes of redemption and God using ordinary people. Ah-mazing!

AROUND THE WEB: If you’re a writer of any type, you should check out Scrivener. I have been using it for the past couple of weeks, and already, I LOVE it. I will be writing all my novels in it from now on. After reading Michael Hyatt’s article, I may try to use it for everything!

BUSINESS: Today is the last day to take advantage of the 20% discount. If you have a project that you need to S.H.I.N.E., email me! I’ve also been making a lot of changes to my site, and my business as a whole, including moving my e-mail list over to Mailchimp. Somehow, not sure how, I lost my list in the process. You’re not going to want to miss the fun stuff I have coming up over the next few months. Sign up for my blog updates and newsletter at the top of the right sidebar!

PERSONAL: I LOVE it when my girls just “get” something. As you know, we homeschool our kids. And whenever they hit a big milestone or overcome something they’ve been struggling with, this mama’s heart just melts. You know? We had a couple of those moments this week. My kids just amaze me!

PICTURE OF THE WEEK: (Okay, technically it’s a flyer, but I LOVE Realm Makers and am really excited about this blog hop–especially because I organized it!)

Realm Makers flyer

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  1. Scrivener? O.o I can’t say I’m a fan of that one. I tried it and found it far too awkward for me. If it’s working for you, though, go for it!

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