Fab 5 Friday: iBloom Edition

So, this Fab 5 Friday is going to be heavily skewed. This week has been crazy–crazy full of ideas, crazy full of education. And it’s all due to one ogranization: iBloom. Read on below . . .


WEBSITE: From their website. “iBloom is on a mission to inspire women all over the world to live lives they love. We help women design their life around their priorities where they choose daily to love God, love others, and love themselves while enjoying their personal definition of success in both life and business.” Let me tell you, this site is FULL of information and inspiration. If I could follow Kelly around 24/7 without being a stalker, I so would. She and her team have such a heart for their mission.

BOOK: iBloom for Business by Kelly Thorne Gore. Well, how about that, more iBloom. :) This book was a fantastic, easy-to-read book about the basics of business and marketing. Kelly takes you through step-by-step how to develop your business strategy and how to plan your marketing. Each short section has questions to work through at the end. Plan as you go! Next on my list is Rise of the Machines by Kristin Lamb.

BUSINESS: If you’re visiting my website while reading this, you may have noticed some changes. Unless it’s your first time, then, nothing’s changed, really. I made a silly error earlier this week and accidentally stripped my site of all its customization, and I can’t get it back! Now, that’s not all together an awful thing because I had planned on revamping my website in the next month or so anyway. God just let me make it a priority! I found a new designer already, so be on the lookout for some more (permanent) changes.

PERSONAL: This week turned into a “break” for us. Hubby was off on Monday, and I’ve been sick ever since. No school this week. Not much work getting done either. Of course, now I’m trying to catch up. However, I had a lot of good stuff happen this week too. I won’t bored you with the details, but I will tell you that God is good and He is blessing my socks off!

PICTURE OF THE WEEK: Look what the little one found in his room (and then let his sisters put on his nose)


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  1. Awesomeness! I will add iBloom to my reading list. :-)

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